Re-Build! Bracknell and Bracknell Forset Council is an art project by me, Anthony Schrag, looking at the idea of "new town" developments such as Bracknell, and is in response to me re-locating to the town for a month for an artist-in-residency at South Hill Park Arts Centre. Upon arriving, I heard the quote:

"Bracknell - its town full of people who don't what to be here"

This project is, in no way, meant to reflect negatively on the doings and projects by the Bracknell Forest Council, who are, I am sure, doing their very best for the citizens of this town. There is no new town being constructed, and this website merely a way to get people involved in what I feel is an important discussion about Bracknell and what its inhabitants feel about it. I hope this discussion can be used as a positive and democratic tool for citizens to begin a productive conversation about their town - what they want from it, what it should be, etc.

Below, there is a link to a forum page that offers the public a chance to have their say, critique or compliment this project, the town, anything! Most importantly it gives you the chance to respond directly to other voices. Please feel free to use it as often as possible.

Art is a difficult thing. For some it is decoration, for others it is about expression, still others see it as a tool of communication. For me, art is a way to make sense of the world around us. It asks important and difficult questions and hopefully creates a space for productive discussion.

This project hopes to highlight a citizen's relationship with its town and its council - for better or worse - and looks at the utopian/eutopian ideals of New Town constructions from the post-war era. Is an perfect possible? Should we try to build it? What would it look like? Is a new town better than an old? Is new better than old, in general? What about alternative regeneration techniques? What do YOU think the town should look like? What does it need? Is it too late? I hope these can open a fissure into systems that often seem opaque and unintelligible to those on the outside of council boardrooms and hopefully find the positives that make people want to be in Bracknell...

Please visit the South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, on August 29th (630 - 830pm) and August 30th (2 - 4pm), 2008, for my final project. Please call ahead to get tickets. They are free, but booking is required. (Click here to take you directly to South Hill Park Arts Centre website.)