This project is subject to the laws and sanctions of British Judicial Systems, including and especially the Freedom of Information Act (2001) and the Human Rights Act (1998) regarding my right to expression, & it is not intended to imitate, harm, or otherwise hinder the duties of the Bracknell Forest Council, and I am indeed grateful they sponsor such respectable institutions such as South Hill Park Arts Centre, that allows artists like myself to creatively explore difficult subjects.

This website takes its design from an amalgamation of different sources and is not intended to be confused as the real Bracknell Forest Council Website - it does not even end in the correct governmental web URL (.gov), indicating that it is in no way pretending to be an official website. And, while I do acknowledge it looks very similar on first glance, it should contain enough differences not to be confused, and any extreme similarity is unintentional.

On reading this project, you will hopefully be aware of the humorous nature of the work, and its actually impossibility of such a scheme (Re Build!) from happening. It was made with the intention to provoke questions about the nature of council power, new town constructions and the socially issues unique to them. I was also interested in discussing bureaucratic systems, especially in response to the nature of the individual within such systems. Critique and questioning of those systems are important rights within democratic institutions, and hope you enter the forum below to have your say.