Rules and Regs creates innovative programmes supporting artists' development.

R&R brings artists, organisations and audiences together, fostering understanding and creativity through making and experiencing new art, in new ways.

R&R's primary programme - from which the company takes its name - is Rules and Regs, a residency in which participating artists make new work in response to rules devised by a curator as a challenge to explore new ways of working. Each month-long programme is curated by a different organisation and culminates in a public exhibition of work.

R&R facilitates an open, supportive dialogue by treating the audience as it treats the artists: Combining a friendly and supportive space with a challenge to try something new.

R&R has also produced development programmes in various other contexts, including digital art, non-time-based work for galleries and peer-development programmes. R&R has facilitated networking meetings and produced work for festivals.

Please see an overview of our past work for full details.

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R&R has been supported by Arts Council England via Grants for the Arts.

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