Rules and Regs at South Hill Park, Bracknell, 29 - 30 August 2008
Braccen Heale
Artist's website:
Exploring the ideas behind a Post-War New Town like Bracknell - its problems and its strengths - the art work challenges the notion that art can be a tool of social change, and looks to create a situation that encourages a positive dialogue between a public and its representative council(s).

Anthony was inspired to discover that Bracknell means 'braccen covered secret place', and recreated just such a place in the Gallery which hid the Mayors of the Town so that audience members could enter into an intimate question-and-answer session with them.

In an effort to stimulate public debate, a mock-official website was constructed and publicised by the artist as part of Braccen Heale.

-Dr. Outi Remes, Curator

Photos: Top and Right by Kate Grenyer
© 2008 Rules and Regs
Above by Seth Kriebel

© 2008 Seth Kriebel