Rules and Regs at A SPACE, Southampton, 29 June - 1 July 2007
Medals, Shadows and Flash Cards
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At the funeral of my Aunt Ursula, her memoirs, or at least an edited version of this document was distributed to family and friends. I had said good-bye to her alive, in rather fractious circumstances six weeks earlier. In an un-WASP- ish fashion I had also seen her in the coffin with just her head and hands showing; surrounded by white veils.

The stories from Ursula’s time in the Navy during the WW2 were recalled when I was introduced to the vault in Southampton: ’93 the High St’. It was revealed that during the war when this vault, like the others, had been used as an air raid shelter a bomb had hit the medieval house above, bursting the pipes to effectively drown those blocked in the vault beneath.

I, with helpers, made 250 medals from the button collection of Rebecca, a neighbour in Whitechapel whose family had been relocated there during the war. When they had come out of a shelter, their house was destroyed. These medals were awarded to each audience member for a positive attribute based on a five second character analysis. Then they all marched to the vault singing 'Onward Market Forces' a song I wrote based on a famous hymn.

In the vault, a projection of shadowy figures activated the space as the crowd milled about. I wandered through the crowd telling random stories that mixed the reminiscences of my Aunt with narratives about the vault and about the current war in Iraq. The work was completed by the metonymic repetition of a simple phrase

The opportunity given by the event was a valuable new direction in praxis and the opportunity to engage with a great group of people.

-Deej Fabyc

Photos: Top and Above by Kristianne Drake
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