Rules and Regs at BAC, London, 25 - 26 September 2009
Visions are Expressed
Artist's website: www.davidhoyle.info
Synthesizing The Aristocratic with The Destructive, The Pastoral with The Predetermined, the illusion of Good and an Examination of... EVIL!!! VISIONS are EXPRESSED hopes to provoke engagement with The Alienated, The Isolated and THE ANGRY, in an Ambiguous setting, drop-in for a Chat, a glass of Wine...!? You are WILKOMMEN!!! Is Humantiy Over-Rated!? Discuss...

I would like to thank Laura McDermott for help & Encouragement, Cath 'O' Gorman foar All Her Help with this Project (Painting & Arranging) also Grim Outlook for Musical Ambiance.

Photos by Kristian Wilding
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