Rules and Regs at A SPACE, Southampton, 30 May - 1 June 2008
Artist's website: www.emmahart.info
The Rules and Regs 08 residency with a space placed me in a medieval vault in Southampton for a month, culminating in a live performance. I made a cardboard video documentary about the vault and it's history.

This video documentary was made not with a camera but by recreating the actions of a video camera in 3D with cardboard and an overhead projector. I wanted to create the experience of watching video by using cardboard.

The audience were asked to be extras for the documentary. On going into the vault I first directed and shot scenes which they watched through the cardboard viewfinder. When speaking through a megaphone I was directing, and when not using the megaphone I was the voiceover for the video. Later I asked them to be in the documentary, to finish the “air raid shelter scene” (they held masks up to their faces and were captured in a tracking mirror shot).

Photos by Stuart Rodda
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