Rules and Regs at Farnham Maltings,11 - 12 May 2007
Work & Play
Artist's website: www.elizabethmurton.co.uk
A key interest for my practice is exploring through being active, constructing works where participants contribute to this formation. Taking inspiration from temporary structures and play, I responded to the rules by creating an interactive piece within the context of 'festival' and the Maltings' history. I was interested in 'festival' as a place of 'collective joy' where people come together to 'let go'. The role of The Maltings has transformed through its history from a place of work to one of play. This is a pattern people may be familiar with in their daily lives, transferring from a world of work into an activity or place of escapism.

-Elizabeth Murton

Photos: Above and Right by Kristian Wilding
© 2007 Rules and Regs

Top by Seth Kriebel
© 2007 Seth Kriebel