Rules and Regs with ST Spot, Yokohama, 17 January - 17 February 2013
The River Flows Gently...
Artist website:
Having made live, participatory art works outside the black box for 14 years, FrenchMottershead made a work inside a theatre space for the first time. The artists chosen to work with the materials readily-available to them, in Yokohama. From the Middle Studio, these included the audience, the raked seating, the proscenium stage, the sound equipment, the lighting rig and various pieces of furniture found backstage. The artists also collected, borrowed and bought some everyday objects from various places around the city.

These materials were used to create a participatory experience, in which the audience were asked to work with the artists to evoke a number of distinct soundscapes, using sounds that are possible to make with our bodies, objects and non-speech vocals.

Photos © 2013 Kazuyuki Matsumoto.
Used with permission.