Rules and Regs at South Hill Park, Bracknell, 25 - 26 May 2007
Modern Pond Life
Modern Pond Life is a response to the context of south hill park, it's buildings and grounds. little investigations and activities into the nature of things, pond life, the creature from the black lagoon, godzilla, when nature becomes bad, the social and the anti-social. dog poopi and people poopi, barking and biting, a sign of the thames. I wanted to make myself half-land/half-water, I made some plans and set my self some epic un-finishable tasks. I liked the idea and got to work thinking mainly of how I might gain skills in tap dancing, walking on water, learn scuba diving and return to tell the unfortunate tawdry taless of an underwater world. I made connections with dancing on ice torville and dean. Frozen-ness. the small dogs into parks or gardens and becoming a human bird table. I was kindly to south hill park and south hill park was kindly to me.

-Gillian Wylde

Photos: by Kristian Wilding / Jay Bedwani
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