Rules and Regs at A SPACE, Southampton, 29 June - 1 July 2007
Harvest Season
Artist's website: www.eflerovah.com
Harvest Season is a celebration of fertility of the land. People enter the vault from the East in pairs. They are offered a cup of red wine and in that moment separated into single files on each side and sent towards the West entrance. When everyone is in position I emerge from the West entrance. I light candles, pour and drink wine. Then take metal plates and a piercing tool and step down the stairs. Walking between the water puddles and the wooden props supporting the sacks of grain until I choose a sack near the audience. Within a few gestures l explain to my participants how to circulate the full plates towards West, empty them on the stairs and return them to me. Then I burst the sack and catch the falling grain, which creates a particular rushing sound. The sound level is controlled by the distance the grains fall onto the plates. When the grains stop I collect the plates and walk away.

-Helena Eflerova

Photos by Kristian Wilding / Jay Bedwani
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