Rules and Regs with ST Spot, Yokohama, 17 January - 17 February 2013
The Nearest Exit
Artist's website:
To be ‘less cerebral’. This was the main challenge I identified for myself, from within the rules we shared. I tried to make myself generate visual and physical material, not words. I improvised in the studio and I filmed myself. I danced, I moved, and made bodily responses to ideas, where usually I might have done writing tasks. I played games of free association with the images and gestures I was making in the space, trying not to worry about the ‘about’.

In an early improvisation I drew a plane on the floor with electrical tape, and then decided to let images and actions build up around, and in response to, this picture.

I came across the notion of a two minute ‘golden period’, referring to the maximum time you have to make your way off a plane in the event of surviving an actual crash. I began to use the idea of this two minute window of escape, or perhaps your last two minutes alive, to piece together an endlessly repeating structure of fighting to survive or resigning yourself to the opposite.

The Nearest Exit is a piece exploring aeroplane disasters, desire and arrival.

Photos © 2013 Kazuyuki Matsumoto.
Used with permission.