Rules and Regs at South Hill Park, Bracknell, 25 - 26 March, 2011
Artist's website:
Jo Bannon is a Bristol based artist making live art and performance. She is an Arnolfini associate artist and founder member of Residence. She has presented work nationally and internationally in the UK, Spain and Germany. Jo also works as a dramaturg and director for devised theatre and as a freelance producer of performance and live art. Jo’s practice investigates the shifting role and responsibility of the artist as the author of the live event. Jo is concerned with implications of the collective in performance and often invites different ways of meeting an audience, creating tasks or scenarios which place the audience at the centre of the action, as co-collaborators. Fascinated by the notion of ‘the expert’ on stage her current work interrogates the vulnerability, intimacy and sometimes assuredness allowed by being in and out of control, both knowing and amateur.
Photos by Stuart Rodda
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