Rules and Regs at Colchester Arts Centre, 5 - 6 July 2008
You're Dead
Artist's website: www.flyingoutofsequence.org
Julia Barclay is normally an experimental theatre director and writer with her company Apocryphal Theatre in London. She was in disguise as a live artist for her performance of You're Dead. She is deeply honoured that jazz legend Lol Coxhill came along to improvise with her and very grateful to Jennifer McNally for her graphic artistry. As she will no doubt tell you, Julia is originally from New York and is aware that she has an American accent. You got a problem with that?

This piece was an improvised levitation with Lol Coxhill on soprano sax and Blondie (no, not that Blondie) on masks, stick, Routemaster, boots and harmonica.

Julia Barclay also participated in Rules and Regs at The Basement, Brighton in 2004, in which she created Heart Oven Falling: Gotcha with performers Zoe Bouras and Cath Dyson.

Photos by Seth Kriebel
© 2008 Seth Kriebel