Rules and Regs at South Hill Park, Bracknell, 29 - 30 August 2008
Songs I've Been Sung
Artist's website:
Songs I've Been Sung explores social interactions and encounters between two strangers. What does it mean to sing a song that you love for a stranger? What is it to learn a new song? A thirty-year study in Scandinavia discovered that singing is one of three sctivities that contribute to a happy old age. The others are camping and dancing.

The rules of Rules and Regs have provided a framework for Lucy's series of encountes with local people. Although these encounters have taken a range of forms, they have frequently fallen into a song or talking about singing. Songs I've Been Sung consists of two parts: It is both a sound installation of the songs by members of the public that have been sung to the artist during the residency, and also an invitation for individual members of the audience to sing a song to the artist in a one-to-one setting. In return, she will attempt to join them in singing. No song is to small or unimportant. If the words are unimportant, they will just hum.

-Dr. Outi Remes, Curator

Photos: Top and Right by Kate Grenyer
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Above by Seth Kriebel

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