Rules and Regs at The Basement, Brighton, 22 - 23 July 2004
Devious Ways of Consoling... Myself
Artist's website: www.mimking.com
Devised and performed by Mim King, Adrian Shepherd, Barnaby O’Rorke, and Henry Sargeant.

Miriam King is an Artist/Choreographer/Director/Dancer/Live Artist/Filmmaker born in London, living in Brighton. Training in Russia with performance company DEREVO, her Live Art work has taken her to European festivals and to the People’s Republic of China. Her dance film work has been screened at the Venice Biennale, Lincoln Centre-New York, Pompidou Centre-Paris, and ICA-London. She has recently been Artist in Residence at the Institute for Choreography and Dance in Cork, Ireland. Mim is associate director for the live art project Carnesky’s Ghost Train and has just completed directing the dance theatre show ‘Sleepwalker’ for High Spin dance company.

- Mim King, 2004

Photos by Kristian Wilding
© 2004 Rules and Regs