Rules and Regs with ST Spot, Yokohama, 17 January - 17 February 2013
Body of Work #5 - Elsewhere
I arrived in Yokohama with an open heart and open mind filled with a nostalgic sense and ready for a new experience. The only certain point of departure was to respond to the Rules & Regs offered for this residency.

In so doing I have found my practice upended, suspended and reinvigorated through the implementation of the R&R. Within this new work are my responses to my environment, the constraints of time and an inquiry into my presence and absence in performance. There is often an element of the unexpected in my work through improvisation therefore for this work I have opened the game of chance for the audience to directly experience with me. Every outcome, every performance will never be the same.

One dark night in sleep or waking time unfolds forwards and backwards to chance upon the seen/unseen dance or the heard/unheard voice.

I would like to thank Ed Rosenberg III for his playing the game and creating the music.
Edward RosenBerg III is a composer/performer based in New York City. Edward performs regularly with a variety of groups that range in style from Modern Classical to Jazz to Heavy Metal. He is a founding member of the Prog-jazz outfit, Jerseyband, that toured Europe in 2010 and recently finished their 7th album. In addition to his own groups, Edward's compositions have been performed by the Second Instrumental Unit, the International Contemporary Ensemble, the Cadillac Moon Ensemble, Anti-Social Music, and the Tokyo Brass Arts Orchestra, among others. Edward is the founder of SongBaby, a company the creates homemade songs for kids (and adults!) More info and music at

Photos © 2013 Kazuyuki Matsumoto.
Used with permission.