Rules and Regs at South Hill Park, Bracknell, 16 - 17 October 2009
Babble - a thé extraordinaire
Artist's website:
This work has arrived after a long circuitous and often terrifying journey provoked by all four of the rules that I initially pursued in four different directions simultaneously. Babble, is I feel the inevitable summation, during the residency, of my drawings, writing, visual research, intuition, risk taking and ongoing dialogues with the gallery visitors, friends, family and facebook.

I asked the people if they were God, what would they say to the people? They said - be kind. I asked the people that as God what would they say to me the artist and they said - do what feels right.

Photos: Right by Stuart Rodda
© 2009 Rules and Regs
Above and Top by Seth Kriebel

© 2009 Seth Kriebel