Rules and Regs with ST Spot, Yokohama, 17 January - 17 February 2013
Memorandum on "Z is not equal to G is approximately equal to D", a vignette
Artist website:
Humanity could come to possess the concept of death but was not strong enough to resist its asymmetric nature, so it attempts to maintain balance by actualizing the external, i.e. death internalized, i.e. life, and here originated diverse views on life and death. The ghost is the most general, the oldest thing as an image showing a mode of humanity outside of life and death, and I interpret this as a metaphor for a medium that is a vector between the internal and external. The passage of time then flows down to the twentieth century, with society now highly developed, grown to be itself like a giant organism, and humanity which should be lapping up these privileges instead meets alienation. The new metaphor that appears here is that of the zombie, in which I see the form of urban residents allocated only as manpower. Time progresses yet further to the present; the world is being cloaked by new illusions nurtured by the Internet. The state of things is still in a cloud, and yet personally I am predicting that the Doppelgänger will become effective as a metaphor continuing on from the ghost and the zombie. But I still do not know what that will signify.
Photos © 2013 Kazuyuki Matsumoto.
Used with permission.