Rules and Regs at The Bluecoat, Liverpool, 24 - 25 September 2009
And Counting...
Artist's website:
And Counting… was performed by six disabled artists situated in six locations around the Bluecoat. Each performer listened to an MP3 player and attempted to reproduce what they heard in real time. The audience was free to move from performer to performer during the piece or to follow the performers as they moved through the building.

And Counting… created a parallel reality to the events of the Apollo 11 landing in July 1969, a reality in which a group of Liverpudlians touched down on the moon in L1 on the night of the performance.

Performers: Ross Clark, Kevin Donnellon, Martin Geddes, Mandy McKeown, Jimmy O’Brian, Teresa Smith
Sound Design and Edit: Robert Hampson
Access Support: Adam Lee
With additional thanks to DaDaFest for all their support.

Photos: Top and Right by Alexandra Wolkowicz
© 2009 Alexandra Wolkowicz and Rules and Regs
Above by Adam Lee
© 2009 Adam Lee