Rules and Regs at RADAR, Loughborough

14 JUNE, 2009
Loughborough University

As part of Radar's "Architectures of Control" programme, Rules and Regs inverted its usual structure and asked two artists to create rules for others to follow...

The Rules:

Participating Artists:

Lucienne Cole's artistic practice is rooted in video and performance. She writes: 'I am a believer in art as entertainment, able to exist and thrive in a multitude of contexts. For me performance particularly is a very direct way of communicating with an audience. My focus has tended to shift away from the notion of art as object, and the gallery space as a medium for presenting both my work and myself, and more towards engaging people in public places and spaces.' She is based in London.

Ant Hampton is a performance maker, based in London UK, working since 1998 in/as Rotozaza as well as on solo projects, collaborations, etc. He has contributed to projects by Jerome Bel, Forced Entertainment and Tim Etchells including their recent 'fantasy-protest' programme of live-art for the ICA, True Riches. Ant continues an ongoing exploration of 'live portraiture' with Greg McLaren as 'The Other People'. In 2008 he worked as dramaturg for "Scenarios" at Manifesta7 European Biennale of Contemporary Art.

This project was a co-production of Radar and Rules and Regs and was managed by Radar and curated by Radar Diector Nick Slater.

Photos by Julian Hughes
© 2008 Julian Hughes