RELAY at the Bargate Monument Gallery: 3/7 - 31/8, 2009

Relay challenges artists to work quickly and respond to provocation.
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Original Object
Relay Artists:

Pauline Pratt

Lizzie Jones

Steve French

Katherine Anteney

Jonny Hannah

Stuart Rodda

Andrew MacCallum

Joe Ross

All photos by Kate Grenyer.
Used by permission.
For most artists, creating a new work for exhibition is a long process of decision making and refinement. The artists participating in RELAY agreed to forego the luxury of time and focus their ideas to create something new in just two days.

RELAY works like a game. On the opening night of the exhibition, an object was revealed for the first time to both the artists and the public. The object was displayed on a plinth untouched for the first weekend. Then, each week, a different artist had just two days to alter the object displayed the week before. Gradually, week by week, the art work changed... evolving as each artist adds their own unique touch.

The object was both stimulus and medium; the artists work in response to the object in both its original state and as they received it from the previous artist.

The project was designed to challenge the artists to experiment with the limits of their usual methods of working, not to snooker subsequent artists.

Neither the artists nor the curators had any idea what would be exhibited each week...

RELAY at The Bargate Monument Gallery was presented as part of the "Cut To The Chase" exhibition.
It was a co-production of the arts organisation a space and Rules and Regs
It was co-curated by Kate Grenyer and Seth Kriebel.