RELAY 2011
Relay with QUAY ARTS and A SPACE
22 March - 30 April 2011, Quay Arts, Isle of Wight
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  1. START > Original Object
  2. Tim Johnson (22 - 26/3)
  3. Lisa Traxler (29/3 - 2/4)
  4. Karen Grainger (5 - 9/4)
  5. Marina Rees (12 - 16/4)
  6. James Jarrett (19 - 23/4)
  7. Matthew Redman (26 - 30/4)
  1. START > Original Object
  2. Alys Hawkins (22 - 26/3)
  3. Ian Kirkpatrick & Julien Masson (29/3 - 2/4)
  4. Alexandra Parry (5 - 9/4)
  5. Steve Rosenthal (12 - 16/4)
  6. Kate Aughey (19 - 23/4)
Photo by Georgia Newman
© 2011 Rules and Regs

Relay is a curatorial structure designed to challenge visual artists to experiment with new ways of working.

How it works:

  • The twelve participating artists draw lots to determine a random order in which they will join the Relay.
  • The Relay programme curator selects an initial Object to serve as the starting point for the Relay ‘chain reaction'.
  • The Object is not revealed to the participating artists until the beginning of the programme, at which time it is given to the first artist to take away from the gallery.
  • The artist then has a short time - about 48 hours - in which to alter the Object and return it to the gallery where it is documented and exhibited for the rest of the week.
  • The next artist in the chain is then given the object to take away, alter and return for exhibition...
  • The Relay continues with each artist altering the Object in turn.

The Object serves as both stimulus and medium. Artists are asked to alter the object as a response to:

  • the Object in its original state
  • the Object as it is received by the artist
  • the concept of passing the Object on, recognising that it is part of a chain and will be altered by subsequent artists.

Relay is intended as an opportunity for artists to experiment. The spirit of the exercise is to use the framework as a provocation, rather than to attempt to subvert the rules, exploit loopholes or snooker other participating artists.

Artists will collect the Object on Saturday evenings and return the altered Object Tuesday mornings.

The programme will take place over six weeks: Two Relays will run concurrently, one curated by a space Director Daniel Crow and the other by Quay Arts Exhibitions Organiser Georgia Newman. Both Relays will be exhibited, side by side, in the Learning Curve Gallery at Quay Arts. Documentation of how the Objects have been altered will be exhibited alongside the Objects in their current state.

Quay Arts is the Isle of Wight’s leading art gallery and venue for live arts events. It is situated in a converted 19th Century brewery warehouse complex located at the head of the River Medina in the centre of Newport. The Centre’s three gallery spaces and café walls are home to an acclaimed regularly changing programme of Visual Arts. Quay Arts’ exhibition programme offers extremely high quality work on show, sourced not only from the Island but also from mainland and international artists, which aims to encourage and promote innovation and experimentation in the visual arts. Please visit for more information.

a space: growing creative communities is a charitable organisation that has been established to achieve our central object ‘To promote, maintain, improve, and advance education for the benefit of the public, by developing public appreciation and understanding of visual arts and by improving access to, and the quality of, the visual arts, primarily but not exclusively in Southampton and its surrounding area.’ a space piloted Relay at the Bargate Monument Gallery in 2009 as part of its ‘Cut To The Chase’ exhibition. Please visit for more information.

Rules and Regs creates innovative programmes supporting artistic and professional development. R&R's development model is based on devising rules for artists as a challenge to explore new ways of working. In addition to Relay, in 2011 R&R will present a live art residency programme at South Hill Park (Bracknell), an online Digital Rules and Regs programme with videoclub and the peer support and development programme Parallel Play at the Nightingale Theatre in Brighton.

This project is a co-production of Quay Arts, a space and Rules and Regs. It is curated by a space Director Daniel Crow and Quay Arts Exhibitions Organiser Georgia Newman.

For more information, please visit: