Rules and Regs at The Bluecoat, Liverpool, 24 - 25 September 2009
Artist's website:
When responding to the rules I was drawn to the multiple uses of the word Converse, meaning both 'an exchange of thoughts’ and also ‘the opposite direction or position’. The reciprocal relationships of internal & external, light & dark, and me & you have often informed my work. I understand these converse positions as being complementary opposites - darkness defines light; your position helps identify my own; observation cannot be separated from imagination. These interdependent qualities are fluid and relative. The relationship between the physical and the ethereal is also a reciprocal one. Breath, body, air and energy are the exchanges that are you, live on stage. For Exchange I wish to explore the sense of stretch as the links between these internal sensations and external stimulation are expanded and amplified.

With many thanks to the patient and inspiring electronics engineer David McGoran.

Photos by Alexandra Wolkowicz
© 2009 Alexandra Wolkowicz and Rules and Regs