Rules and Regs at Farnham Maltings,11 - 12 May 2007
Artist's website:
Histories is the result of an intense and productive time spent at Farnham Maltings for me. While researching rule number two, 'Create a history of Farnham Maltings', it occurred to her that history is simply a story of the past interpreted by an individual in the present, very like memories. Histories recounts personal and charged memories gathered from visitors and staff at Farnham Maltings. Hearing and repeating their words from headphones, I am able to reproduce the natural pauses and intonations.

I wandered around the Maltings with a mobile performance space reminiscent of an Arabian tent. Subverting the usual rules of festivals where audience chooses what performance to see, I invited 'chosen' members of the public to be my audience of one. The audience member can then choose from 12 stories which one they would like to hear.

-Sharon Baker

Photos: Above and Top by Kristian Wilding
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