Rules and Regs at South Hill Park, Bracknell, 29 - 30 August 2008
Artists' website:
During the residency Pete and I have been both everywhere and nowhere. We have been in transit through one non-place to another; back and forth; leaving and returning.

When we haven't been in the Bracknell Gallery, we've been at various Travelodges, or on the M4 motorway, or at the service station, or in the fast food restaurant or on the dual carriageway, or circling Bracknell's roundabouts. We've been moving, which you could consider to be breaking the rules. Except we haven't been getting anywhere: A dead end - and then momentarily a light at the end of the tunnel.

In these places we have communicated wordlessly, through gestures, via the internet, with a key card, through the intercom to place our drive through order, at the cash machine, we had been hoping to find some intimacy, but instead finding only brief connections, partial communication. Finding ourselves somewhat like Bill Murray in that film Groundhog Day, standing facing the Travelodge receptionist answering the same enquiry day after day. 'Thank you madam, did yoiu enjoy your stay?'

Corridor is an exploration of intimacy, non-place and solitude.

-Jodie Hawkes

Search Party is the live art collaboration between Pete Phillips and Jodie Hawkes.

Photos by Kate Grenyer
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