Rules and Regs at SOUTH HILL PARK ARTS CENTRE, Bracknell - 2007

Friday 25 May, 6:30pm - FREE
Saturday 26 May, 2:00pm - FREE

Participating Artists:

The Rules:
The performance must

About the artists...

John Dummett develops projects for a range of contexts, including urban spaces, rural locations and traditional white cube galleries. John's work focuses on socially engaged consideration of what 'public' and 'community' is understood to mean.

Sophia Yadong Hao works with live art and interactive installations. Based on audience participation, the main concerns of Sophia's work are memories and identities and time and space.

Holly Slingsby's practice deals with the anxious and delicate beauty of inhabiting a mortal body. In her performances, beauty often collides with tragedy, weakness with strength and loss with recovery.

Gillian Wylde is a visual artist working with live performance, video, installation and object. In her work, she refers to instances approached by popular culture, exploring the borders of high and low art.

This project was a co-production of South Hill Park Arts Centre and Rules and Regs and was curated and managed by Dr. Outi Remes, Head of Exhibitions at South Hill Park.

Photo by Kristian Wilding / Jay Bedwani
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