Rules and Regs at SOUTH HILL PARK ARTS CENTRE, Bracknell - 2011

Friday 25 March, 6pm - FREE
Saturday 26 March, 6pm - FREE

In addition to the public performances, the Backnell Gallery was open for the public to observe and discuss live art and working methods with the artists.
Bracknell Gallery opening hours (3 March - 20 March 2011): Thurs - Sat 1:00 - 7:00 pm.

Participating Artists:

The Rules:

Participating artists developed new work in the Bracknell Gallery from 28/2 - 24/3. After the artists agreed to participate, rules were devised in response to their practices and announced at the beginning of the development period - Artists did not know the rules before the programme began. All artists worked to the same set of rules and created new work in response to these rules.

Rules and Regs is a development opportunity for making new work with the primary goal to explore artistic practice. During the development period the artists had support from curator Dr. Outi Remes, Head of Exhibitions.

As part of the evaluation process following the public performances / exhibitions, the artists will jointly create a list of Rules for South Hill Park, with the aim of challenging SHP’s staff and users to move outside their usual habits and ways of working.

This project was a co-production of South Hill Park and Rules and Regs and was managed and curated by Dr. Outi Remes at South Hill Park.

Photo by Stuart Rodda
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