Rules and Regs at the Nightingale, Brighton, 28 - 29 June 2012
Hell Bent
Artist's website:
The research process and creation of my 'one on one' installation HELL BENT feels like one of the first times that my various creative hats have come together. 
The work stemmed from my fascination with 'Pepper's Ghost', the haunted house illusion that dates back to 1584. I used this simple device to situate the audience right in heart of the action and set about to make something really queer and playful that would resonate on many levels and be both disarming and disconcerting. A political piece that didn't feel like one maybe. Looking at themes of good and evil and considering their subjectivity so as to give space to an audience.
The month was a great chance to push myself outside of my normal approach to creating a dance work, so much so that the movement content itself was only established half an hour before the first sharing! I look forward to developing the work further very soon.

Theo is a performer, choreographer and designer based in Peacehaven, East Sussex. 

Photos by Kristian Wilding
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