Rules and Regs at WHITE NIGHT BRIGHTON & HOVE - 2009

Saturday 24 October 7:00pm - 12:00am
In and around Pavilion Gardens, Brighton

Rules and Regs presented new performance from four artists made in response to a set of Rules devised just for White Night:

The artists must...

The Artists:

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During Brighton's White Night, The Butlers will be on the streets of the city, offering to be of service to all and sundry, and illuminating Brighton with their activities. They will invite members of the public to engage them in a plethora of useful services (excluding tasks involving cost, illegality, physical or emotional harm), which will be freely, decorously and most solicitously undertaken. Once you have been served by a Butler, you will wonder how you ever did without. What will you ask The Butlers to do during White Night?

The Butlers are a group of formally dressed gentlemen who explore the concept of relational performance by offering to be of service at festivals and events around the country and further afield. Formed in 2005 for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, they have since appeared at Live Art events, conferences, science fairs, weddings, community festivals and exhibitions, from London to Liverpool, from Whitstable to Bristol. Most recently, they were to be encountered at the Branchage International Film Festival in Jersey.

ROD MACLACHLAN - Exchange (The Lights Going In and Out)

Like many human processes, Exchange may lead to an experience that is at once sublime and ridiculous. Breath, body, air and energy are the exchanges that are vital for life. For Exchange I wish to explore the sense of stretch as the links between these internal sensations and external stimulation are expanded and amplified. With many thanks to the patient and inspiring electronics engineer David McGoran and the generousity of Brighton Dome.

Rod Maclachlan is a Bristol-based artist and filmmaker whose playful alchemy explores the complimentary relationships between observation and imagination, the physical and the ethereal. Light and projection have been his primary mediums over the years yet he remains a sculptor by instinct and formal and spatial qualities provide a balance for the process-based elements. Maclachlan’s installation works have been shown at The AND festival, Late at Tate Britain, Flatpack Festival and Leeds International Film Festival. Performing as Flicker he created the visual magic for the 2008 Murcof /BCN 216 Oceano tour. Rod is one third of Blackout Arts.


Many hands required for some light decorating...
Meet in Jubilee Square at 9:00pm. Look out for a glowing bicycle and a walking lampshade... Follow us to a secret location. Twinkle twinkle.

Mervyn Millar and Tiffany Watt-Smith are award-winning theatre makers. Many Hands is their first collaboration, one of a series of festive interventions to animate and excite public sites.


After seven years of working together and living together, Search Party have finally decided to learn how to talk to one another. Stationed at either end of a busy street Search Party will use high powered torches to send morse code messages to one another. Using lights instead of language, Search Party attempt to test the boundaries of intimacy. Search Party are going to take it in turns, let each other finish and think before they speak. Save Me explores ideas of separation, belonging, S.O.S messages and the art of conversation. Save Me is part of Search Party’s ongoing research into duality, geography and dialogue in live art.

Search Party is the collaboration of artists Pete Phillips and Jodie Hawkes. Since 2005 Search Party have created performances for studio, gallery and public space throughout the UK and Europe. Search Party are committed to making immediate, hopeful performances that engage broad and diverse audiences. Search Party’s work attempts to re-negotiate the relationship between artist and audience, creating temporary communities, inviting spectators to become co-collaborators in the live event. Search Party playfully explore ideas of duality, fragility, duration, sport and the relationship between people and places.

Search Party also performed Save Me in Amiens, France as part of the Nuit Blanche event on 17 October.